Out of Office 7/15/22

Melissa Allen,

Austin Bell,

Buikema Rebecca,

Nicole Cope,

Krisanne Dearden,

Alexis Devos,

Eric Dunlap,

Karen Ferranti,

Monique Garcia,

Ashley Garmon,

Mickie Gomez,

Samantha Halle, (4 hrs.),

Jessie Herrera-Muro,

Dakota Heyboer,

Janet Hopp,

Hunter Kanuszewski,

Shelby Losinski,

Vanessa Medina,

Bernadette Murnen,

Nate Nivison,

Alicia Nyquist,

Chis Phillips,

Shanna Reynolds,

Yesenia Sifuentes,

Gwendolyn Skytta,

Dena Stafford (6 hrs),

Amy Taylor,

Kalan Walters,

Kara Youngs.


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